Howdy Everyone

Well hello everybody this post is going to be similar to my home page but since this is my first post I want to take some time to really thank you for visiting my tiny website, or blog

I really do like the concept or idea of this blog and I do hope it’s not because I’m the one writing it…I just want to create a place where people can maybe teach, or help others to learn, or maybe even train is some form or another.  I will make sure to be adding many different videos of things we talked about showing what it is, and how the people do it…I truly believe when anyone uses their hands in such a way to create something it become art…and can be appreciated by people all over the world.

I plan to have a great many different kinds of crafts for people to see and to understand but the quality or quantity of videos is not necessarily plentiful so there may be some lapses in that area…I truly hope not but if a video is not present there will be plenty of information and pictures and even a connecting website if possible if you want further information.

I will be able to feature my wife, Linda, in some post because she just happens to be one of those people who does all sorts of crafts like crocheting, or ceramics, then there is knitting, and painting.  If your old enough you will remember back years ago people made things out of jute for hanging baskets…or even hanging tables…it was a cool time and it was about being free…free to create with no judgement which is what I want for this site. If I’m really lucky I can get her to write most of the post because she knows so much more about crafts than I…but well do this together.

I have a few talents in some areas for example I’ve been playing drums for over 40 years and played professionally for 35 years give or take…played a lot of coffee shops, taverns, bars, lounges, clubs, and later Casinos and finally very large venues with auditoriums…it was a blast but not necessarily something I can pass on or at this point not sure how I would do that…I can only barely read music and definitely not fast enough to play it that way…I play by a process of what is called “by Ear”   Using this process it allows me to hear a song once twice at most and I can then play that song…

Playing for me was amazing in that I kind of like being the center of attention and playing gave me that opportunity to preform and doing that gave me that high you feel when you do something you know if very good, but you get validation that its amazing like 10,000 people clapping and screaming when you finish a song.  That is a high that is very hard to describe but it feels phenomenal, but then again some people would cringe at that…my wife is not a person who enjoys being up in front of people…she prefers to just sit back from all the attention and I get that…we are so opposites in some ways, and we feel it’s probably the thing that has helped us in our marriage all these years…32…by the way…

Well time to stop this post and get into some real crafts that people do I may bring you a few more things I can do very well but let’s just see how things work out because Linda will have many things that are much more pleasing and closer to what I call art.




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