Enthusiasm is a very import skill to have at your disposal even when your working in the world of crafts.  Plus what better picture could I use than the Crock Hunter by cracky…that guy was overflowing with enthusiasm.

When you have it…well it’s like the steam within the boiler because once it’s controlled and turned on gt out of the way…because soon the wheels of machinery will be flying in a positive way.

I’m sure you’ve heard that knowledge is power and to some degree that it a true statement but what I believe is it’s only a half true statement for knowledge is only powerful when such knowledge is put into action towards the attainment of a definite objective and that action is back by enthusiasm…when that happens nothing can stand in your way.

Thoughts are energy and energy creates vibrations.  Our brains consist of being broadcasting and receiving stations primarily because our brains are constantly sending and receiving vibrations. When you turn on your enthusiasm you turn up your vibrations that are transmitting out and reach more people quicker than normal vibrations.  It is a fact proven that you can send out thoughts that have been so step up with silent enthusiasm that they will reach and influence other people whom you are directing these thoughts.

You must understand that enthusiasm is extremely contagious and it engages the attention of those who come under its influence and ultimately causes them to respond in a similar spirit of enthusiasm.  Keep in mind this enthusiasm will reach other whether it’s positive or negative, constructive or destructive.  Enthusiasm is one of the most important skills of leadership.

  • Turn on your enthusiasm and modulate your voice so the other person understands you’re happy to just be in their presence.
  • Shake their hand with a firm grip and squeeze their hand as you shake it on different accents in what your say for example; hello…I am so happy to meet you…
  • If you begin the conversation make sure to direct the conversation towards something that is of interest to them.
  • Continue to ask questions about them to keep the focus on them as most people love to talk about themselves…when it’s time to talk with them about your product, interest, or whatever you want to say they are more apt to be interested in you.
  • The best way to sell you to others is to first sell the others to them.
  • When prayer when express with intense enthusiasm brings a quicker and more satisfactory results.
  • The best practical way to learn how to express yourself with enthusiasm is to read aloud 10 minutes per day putting all the enthusiasm you can muster into your reading.
  • Practice speaking with enthusiasm with your friends and family and it will also actually make those same people much happier to be around you.

Remember the three basic motives that will rule the world is the emotions of love, the emotions of sex, and lastly the desire for financial gain.  It has been said if you combine all three into someone they will convert from and ordinary person into a genius.

I ask not for more riches, but instead I ask for more wisdom that I may create a wiser use of the riches you’ve blessed me with at birth consisting of the power of my mind with the ability to control it and with your guidance direct it to whatever ends I desire.