Our Brains Works In A Unique Way

We go through life processing things and as those many different things get filed away into our long term memory banks we can at another time in our lives bring them back to the surface for a variety of different reasons.  Our minds are amazing things but at the same time no one can tell you how big yours is…where it’s really at…or even how it works…because in actuality it doesn’t physically exists.

Your brain does but your mind comes from a different place…no one really knows and truly I’m only giving you my interpretation of what I think our minds are…but anyway…before I digress to fricken far down the rabbit hole…if our minds can create a process that actually pulls pictures from our memories, and then create a movie with those pictures only then adds them to the movie we create, and if that is not amazing enough our brain adds in different feelings associated with that movie as it plays out.  It’s so incredibly amazing how all of this has the ability to draw from our minds and our hearts…

The first thing that comes to my mind is our soul…no clue if I’m right…really doesn’t matter if I am or not…but it just sounds right to me…you can either agree with me, or choose to disagree or just not have any feeling about it…but I really doubt you have no feelings regarding it.

I’m pretty sure you would agree throughout our lives we all take different pathways towards different things but surprisingly even though they may appear to be different paths…are they…really…because from what I can see we’re all connected leading down a very similar path.

Riddle me this Batman…or Bat-woman…see there is that 60’s thing popping out again…if you know who Adam West is…well then you understand what I mean…even if you see reruns you’ll get it…you didn’t have to be there at the time to get it now…ahhhhh the beauty of TV.  Anyway before I digress any further let’s move on…were you one of those kids who were treated…let’s just say a bit differently…you know.

Stay tuned more on this subject later on…