Still Talking About Our Brains

For example have you been called things like weird, crazy, strange or yes even odd, and for some reason these things followed you into adulthood, but it’s your personality…you know…like I have always been called a bit weird, strange, crazy, but also funny, fun to be around and with me there is never a dull moment…I’m the life of the party…so all in all…not sure that’s such a bad trade off…but you’ve had similar experiences I’m sure… we just seem to think differently about things.

I’m here to tell you it’s all good because you’re in a group much bigger than you realize, which means, as it turns out you’re in the majority rather than a minority as you may have already thought…cool right…we are all weird, different, crazy bizarre…in our own special way, but hey there are lots of people with us.

Call me crazy…wait we’ve already established that…ok anyway…tell me I’m wrong…cause I don’t think so…are you drawn to different or what I like to call unusual type topics…You know I live in Glendale Arizona and if you were here we could just rent a limo and sit back and relax as we ride around town and talk about so many different subjects.  I love the ones referring to the truth about the power we know is within us…yeah I feel it…do you…or maybe the phenomenal power within your mind, or possibly stories of lost civilization that seem to know more about that power within our mind than we do today…and by the way that’s so true…we as a civilization of human beings…and especially so in the west…not really sure why but it so true we simply have to have things in writing or they won’t believe it.  Right! Now in our world I’m sure you know it’s a very important time…things are changing as we speak and as more people such as ourselves discover the wonders I’m about to reveal to you is a major part of the changes that will be coming.