What are Beliefs…Part Two

Aside from the traditional understanding beliefs come from our environment through those people within our lives…let’s get a bit deeper into the learning side of where it comes from.  Belief is the combination of thought and emotions that’s it.  It’s nothing more than a scientific formula of B=T+E.  Now what is the difference in or in the making of thoughts and emotions…are you ready to have your mind blown…are you ready to find out some of that new age thinking was right…well to some degree…let’s not get crazy here. This is an image from an ancient sand script text.

I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of image before and you also probably understand this image indicates the energy points of the body they are called charkas and have been around for hundreds of thousands of years…the surprising thing about this is the combination of three…as you look at the next image notice where thoughts originate…in the top three charkas, while emotions originate…in the bottom three; however, in the final analysis it comes down to all the feelings we have can be basically a subset of just two emotions Love and Hate and every feeling we have is connected to one of these two.


Leaving but one charka left…and where does that charka point to…how interesting it’s the only one left.  It’s the third charka, which represents the heart and this is where feelings originate.  So to just recap, that the top three are where thoughts originate…where the intent or the image is created in that field of possibilities.  Next, is the emotions, which happen in the creative center or as you can see, the bottom three charkas…Yes?  I will explain how this correlates to our desires for whatever we want in life later on…just understand this basic principle.

This is not something to take on face value and if you need the proof surrounding this concept; belief is transformed in the field of possibilities into atoms of our reality.  Scientists know atoms are energy and if you want to change an atom you have to change the energy in which the atoms live.  Scientists also know, the field of energy in which atoms live is made up of two kinds of energy…those two fields are call magnetic and electrical and the process of changing those fields is; for magnetic…it’s called “Zeeman Effect”   For the electrical it’s called “Stark Effect”.  Feel free to look those up.  If you’re interested in finding out why it’s an important to understand or grab the concept of these two.  Well it’s important to understand this one small concept and that is; if you change either of these fields you change the atom…that’s it…that is all you need to know about the two.

Within our bodies there is a massive energy source, and with that being said, if you were to guess…  “What do you think is the source of the greatest energy field within our bodies?  …come on…take a guess before you read on…oh yeah I want something to freak you out.  Remember how, and sorry about this, but remember the Hairy monkey sitting on a pizza flying over a dog house with a football in his hand popped into your head when I said it well the same is for whatever part of the body I just asked you about also popped into your head…just saying….way cool right.

It’s a very Magical Thing…and we delve into a bit more in Part Three