What are Beliefs…Part Three

Not sure what you said, at lease within your mind, but if you said the heart you’re absolutely 100% right…the heart…the scientists know our world is made up of atoms and if you change either the magnetic or electrical field you will always change the atom.  They also know the heart has the stronger magnetic and electrical field within your body than any other part, and it’s where…are you ready for it…it’s where our feelings are created…yeah…remember the feelings you experienced when you saw the picture of those two premature babies when you saw Kyrie arm reaching out an putting it around her sister Brielle…to show you how your mind works…you just brought the picture of them into your mind…petty cool right…so remember this for future use if your mind can pull that up and you can relive the feeling…what else can it do…ahhhhh….yeah…makes you think right.

If the truth be known, and that is what we are searching for here, some of you I’m sure thought it was the brain…but the heart’s electrical field is up to 100 times stronger than the brain.  The heart’s magnetic field is about 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field found within the brain.  Beliefs, which governs our world or creates our reality…which I’m sure you get…right…well there is scientific proof beliefs can be and are changed through our emotions.  How do you think that’s possible?  Oh…yeah…you’re getting it…it’s altered by changing the electrical or magnetic waves.  We now know our beliefs change matter; therefore, have to power to change our physical world…period.

Scientist use to think that energy is made of up of moving waves of energy…you know…waves coming and going…but in actuality your heart creates what they refer to as a standing wave…a wave that is not coming or going, but instead remains in one place and pluses and it’s the pulse wave within your heart that reaches out into the field of possibilities and grabs your reality that your currently living.  Sorry, but time for a bit more science…but you’ll be fine.  There was an experiment preformed in 1909 called the ”Double Split” experiment, feel free to check it out but…there is a much quicker way…just keep reading…in essence it says that the consciousness affects the atoms of our world, which means by simply being in this world you have an effect upon it.

So stay with me here, and I ask you this question… “If the world, as we know it, is based in our beliefs…what do you truly believe about yourself”?  Here is a light bulb moment for you…what powers do you truly believe you have…but hang on just a bit more…I have three quick experiments that prove our beliefs change our outer world.

The first experiment was performed in Geneva by Nicolas Gisin in 1997.  The experiment consisted of taking a particle of light…and cutting it in half, also known as splitting the atom.  They put this particle into a machine and split it, which is really not all that ground breaking…since it was a while back I’m sure you’ve heard to splitting an atom.  What’s important to not about this is they separated them by a distance equaled to 14 miles.  The cool part of this was what they found out was whatever they did to one particle the other one…some 14 miles away reacted as if it was still connected to the original particle…whoa…cool right.  Hang on…the thing really important to understand or grab from this particular experiment is that, you remember, anytime even though a particle is split apart the energy between them is still connected.

Scientist agreed, based upon this experiment, if you were to go back to like the beginning of time everything was once connected into one single atom…so therefore as we move through time coming back into our reality where your reading this there have been billions upon trillions of atoms split…and split…and split.  Here is what’s good to grab from all of this…you now know, even though they are split apart they are still connected by the original energy of when they were all one. Yeah… Kind of mind blowing…right?  Wow…that is deeper than you probably realize, but what’s good about this you totally understand it…yes?  Ok let move to the next one…

Oh wait…we’re not finished you have to see Part Four