What are Beliefs…Part Four

The second experiment was performed by a Russian scientist Vladimir Poplnin in 1992 and it was called the “DNA Phantom Effect”.  Vladimir took a tube and using a vacuum removed all the air from it.  The tube, even though he thought was empty you now understand it wasn’t…why…because it was still filled with particles of light or atoms…yes?    They discovered when they looked at the atoms they were completely random which is good…it’s what they thought would happen.  Then they took human DNA and put it in with the particles to find out what affect DNA would have on the particles of light.  Which in essence, what they’re asking is what does the stuff we’re made of have on this stuff, because our physical world or reality is made of DNA.

What they found were the particles realigned themselves in order with the structure of the DNA or the particles changed from be sporadically wandering around to being in structural order.  What blew their minds was when they removed the DNA.  What they found was the particles still acted as if the DNA was still connected.  In a bit simpler terms, what this is showing us or all we are interested in, is the fact that DNA…ah hello…the stuff we are made of… does in fact affect our physical reality.  Now come on…you had to get that…I will keep repeating these things so they stay in your head…you know we are all connected through our energy…experiment 1, and you know our DNS affects atoms…changes their structure…experiment 2…so what left.

Experiment 3 was from a paper release in 1993 by the institute of HEART MATH.  What they showed was there is a field of energy around every human heart which can be measured.  The field is between 5 and 8 feet in diameter.

This field can and does expand up to miles based upon the energy you are projecting out…remember the intensity of the electromagnet that resides within our hearts.  Another item of interest is for some unknown reason positive energy relaxes the DNA and it extends it further out, while negative energy tightens or constricts…and it’s worth mentioning, I’ve show you that our thoughts are energy.  They tested this theory and found under the emotions of love and the feelings of gratitude, appreciation and compassion the DNA expanded, and while under the emotions of hate and feelings of anger, rage, stress, and sadness the DNA constricted into a small coil.  This emphatically proves whatever feelings we have changes the DNA within our body.  So this is amazing because what it means is we are not bound by the laws of physics…as they once thought…and this part is really huge…through feelings we can alter the atoms of our DNA.

So through science we now understand that we are all connected through our energy…experiment 1, and now you know our DNA affects atoms…changes their structure…experiment 2…and finally you know the laws of physics no longer apply to us; however through our feelings we can alter the atoms within our DNA…experiment 3.  This is now proof certain that what is described in the ancient books that were lost or removed from the bible is in fact true.  We have the power within our bodies to affect our reality and in essence create the world we believe we want or desire.

So there you have it maybe I’ve been able to shed a bit of light on this…