Phoenix Photo Booth Rental

Photo_Booth_Rental_PhoenixAll Righty…I’m about to tell you about something I was able to experience that literally took me back to my childhood like I’m sure if you were to ask your parents and even your grandparents it would take them back to a time in their lives.  The thing I’m talking about is a photo Booth…yeah Baby but it was not like we went to some arcade or visited one of the many boardwalks prevalent on the east and west coast…this was right here in Phoenix Arizona.

We went to a retirement party and at this retirement party there was this photo booth they had rented for all the guests to enjoy them.  Now to add to this excitement is I had no idea this was a photo booth it was sooooo cooooool.  It looked like something out of the future because it was a cube like thing which I provided the picture so you could actually see what I’m referring to.

The name of the company providing it was the Candid Pix Photo BoothsI was so blown away by how cool this photo booth looked and the person that was running it was so unbelievably nice.  At first my wife and I just sat back and watched the people going in and out of it.  The more I watched this guy I was amazed at how he was hell bent on making sure all the people who used the booth had an amazing time.  It was like every single person would step up and he would show them all these different props they have and the people loved it…as they were picking one out for them to use as they went inside to take their special photos…it was all so cool….

Photo_Booth_ScottsdaleI grabbed my wife and we went over to the futuristic cube and just like all the other people we did our little thing inside the booth.  What happened after we finished was quite unique because like you would expect upon finishing we got the photos of us, but what we found even more customer friendly was there was this place set up just outside the booth where we could actually share our photos on our Facebook accounts right then and there…that was beyond something I ever thought was possible.

The more I sat later on that night and thought about it this concept of renting a photo booth for someone event was such an unbelievable idea…I continued watching the people during the night and there would be couples who went in for pictures and then there would be either small or even some pretty huge groups of people going it for pictures.  The whole concept was so great and with the customer friendly of the staff everyone had a blast.

The reason I said before about how it brought back memories was as a child I remember going into those arcades and we would have our pictures taken with our friends, and we’d get those pictures that would print out on those strips…it was a memory to this day I’ve never forgotten…and there’s no doubt in my mind this glowing cube was doing exactly the same thing…creating some of the most precious memories for anyone at this retirement part.

I’m sure I’ll remember this party for the rest of my life and I would guess the people who also enjoy this photo booth will also remember this night for the rest of Scottsdale_Photo_Booths_Rentaltheir lives.  I’m not the kind of person who steps up and talks about some business but this is something that I just had to talk about…I had to tell you how much I enjoyed myself as did my wife and for that reason I have to tell you about these people or more specifically these people’s business…

So what I’m telling you is in the future if you’re ever thinking about having some special event like a wedding reception, a birthday or really any kind of event if your wanting your guest to have the time of their life and remember your event for the rest of their lives I urge you to call the people at Candid Pix Photo Booths. Just thought I would give you a link to the website in case you would like to check them out…

I’m one of those people who tend to be a bit outgoing as I really wanted to visit with this person so I was able to have a conversation with one of the staff members and discovered he was the owner.   What I discovered in our conversation was first he was in general just a very friendly person that truly loved what he was doing.  It was plain to see he love doing what he was doing and he brought much of that love into his job of creating such an environment that so many people were just drawn to his attraction if you will.  He seem to be having a blast helping people create lasting Types_of_Photo_Booth_Rentals_memories…but you don’t need me doing some commercial just visit their website like I did and decide for yourself

It was great…