What are Beliefs…Part One

So if you can accept the science as being true, and maybe the next question might be “where do beliefs like these come from.?  If you really take the time to ponder that question I would surmise you already know the answer.  Our beliefs come from those around us…our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders,

Still Talking About Our Brains

For example have you been called things like weird, crazy, strange or yes even odd, and for some reason these things followed you into adulthood, but it’s your personality…you know…like I have always been called a bit weird, strange, crazy, but also funny, fun to be around and with me there is never a dull

Our Brains Works In A Unique Way

We go through life processing things and as those many different things get filed away into our long term memory banks we can at another time in our lives bring them back to the surface for a variety of different reasons.  Our minds are amazing things but at the same time no one can tell