What are Beliefs…Part Four

The second experiment was performed by a Russian scientist Vladimir Poplnin in 1992 and it was called the “DNA Phantom Effect”.  Vladimir took a tube and using a vacuum removed all the air from it.  The tube, even though he thought was empty you now understand it wasn’t…why…because it was still filled with particles of

What are Beliefs…Part Three

Not sure what you said, at lease within your mind, but if you said the heart you’re absolutely 100% right…the heart…the scientists know our world is made up of atoms and if you change either the magnetic or electrical field you will always change the atom.  They also know the heart has the stronger magnetic

What are Beliefs…Part Two

Aside from the traditional understanding beliefs come from our environment through those people within our lives…let’s get a bit deeper into the learning side of where it comes from.  Belief is the combination of thought and emotions that’s it.  It’s nothing more than a scientific formula of B=T+E.  Now what is the difference in or